Lauren Conrad ankle booties

Yesterday I was shopping, not for anything in particular but then I stopped at Kohls and went straight to the shoes! I was stuck between buying these and a pair of Vera Wang booties, I had to choose these because I couldn’t pass up the deal. Okay listen to this guys, these booties were 80 dollars and I got them for how much? 15.99 how crazy is that?!

Anyway, tried them on and fell in love! They’re a bit tight, My normal size is a 9.5 but I can fit into a 9 and a 10. They’re only tight because
1. They’re new and
2. I have very wide feet haha (thanks dad) other than that they fit fine and I’m sure I’ll break them in!

The color is a light brown/tan and I think these will look great any season! They’re great for the summer right now with a pair of cutoffs and a crop top! I’m getting so excited on how I can style these!

I’ll be posting outfits with these soon!

Xoxo megan





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